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KETO CLUB –Join today!


All Classes 7:00pm – to 8:00pm, Monday Evenings


Jump Start your Keto Diet!

Green Apron Café will be hosting a course on the Keto Diet. 

When used properly, this diet can reduce fat significantly and quickly. 

In this course you will learn:



Keto Complete!  the complete program.  You will learn how to manage day to day meals, given resources to ensure success and to avoid pitfalls.  Lists of what to add to your refrigerator, how to prep, what foods to eat, which to avoid, recipes, menus, short cuts that will get quicker results.  Learn how to implement this fat burning lifestyle and hear from people who are on it and have had results.  Keto Meal plans available.


Hormones!  Certified Nurse Practitioner will present the facts about aging and our loss of hormones.  How hormones that affects our weight, energy, etc.  Learn about an HGH gel and how it can speed metabolism, significant weight loss, get better restful nights, increase libido, increase stamina with work outs and muscle mass.  By increasing your natural hormones you will feel younger and get quicker results.  Hear from people who are currently using the product.  Also learn what supplements are needed when living a Keto Lifestlye…


Mindfulness!  Your mind and will power control your actions.  Angela Sanders, Owner of Mindful Mindz will be speaking about how to retrain your brain.  Helpful tips and actions that can remind you how to control cravings and how to manage your feelings.  Your thoughts and mental vibrations will have to climb to a higher level and you will be presented with thought provoking and disciplined ways to train your mind to enhance your experience with the Keto diet.


Athletic Training!  With your new added energy and weight loss you will need to tone muscles for optimal results.  What exercises are effective, and which can lead to harm, a full discussion on the proper techniques of building muscle by a certified trainer to help you make the most out of your weight loss.

Register today by contacting us at 239-631-5655 to purchase a ticket.  Seating is limited, the cost is $35.00 for all classes.  We will guide you through learning the diet and maintaining on a daily basis.  You will have access to a Facebook Group that will discuss progress, share recipes and become your support group.  For questions you can contact, Katie Biondi at Green Apron at 631-5655.