Help Us Feed Senior Citizens of Collier County

According to the county reporting, there arehundreds of seniors in our county not able to leave their homesdue to the Covid-19 pandemic and are in need of meals delivered to their homes. 

We are a prepared meal delivery company and have been providing healthy meals to local residents along with daycare centers and private schools since 2012. We are licensed by the state to service children and senior citizen facilities.  We are ready, willing and able to provide these much-needed meals to our seniors which have already been vetted by the county.  

Please donate whatever you can to help us cover the expense of the food itmes needed to provide this free service to those in need!  There will be no profit to our company for this program.

Our goal is to feed 100 Seniors each day, 7 meals for 30 days.  We will expand the program if the service is still needed after 30 days.  We are also in need of delivery drivers, if you have the time and would like to be a volunteer driver please contact us, we can supply gas cards for your fuel.

Thank you!

Katie Biondi